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Learn to process images in Lightroom with our Digital Artist || Tuition

3 hour tuition, in your own home, on how to process images professionally using Adobe Lightroom.



After you have mastered taking photos with your new camera your next step is learning how to process them (like photographers used to in the dark room). Your camera does this if you shoot in JPG but it doesn’t know what you want out of your photographs and can only guess. For complete control you need to learn how develop photos, for that, we use Adobe Lightroom.

Lightroom is a subscription service that starts at just under £10 a month and is required for this tuition. It can be purchased from Adobe here.

We will sit down with you, in your home, for 3 hours and teach you how to process images in Lightroom CC (on a Mac or PC/Laptop) or Lightroom Mobile (for mobile you will need to be using an iPad, not a smartphone as the screen is just too small and we feel you will not get the most out of the experience.)

Our tuition session includes:

  • Complete overview of all editing functions
  • Overview of all preset options
  • Cropping and straitening
  • How to make targeted edits with the brush or gradients
  • Understanding the histogram
  • File storage and exporting

Available in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and across the New Forest.


Looking for the full package, how to use your new camera to take amazing photos and then get the best out of them by professionally editing them in Adobe Lightroom? Check out this bundle:

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